About Us

Born in the Bayou, Forged in the Cloud

TechPulse Cloud Concepts, part of the wider TechPulse family, has a notable history of growth and innovation. Founded in 2009 in Louisiana, TechPulse started as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and quickly distinguished itself in the industry. With a focus on supporting emerging and small-scale MSPs through our Professional Services division, we have become a key player in cloud-based solutions and SaaS tooling.

Our journey is defined by a consistent commitment to the MSP community. We offer a wide range of services, including procurement, consulting, software integration, and project management. Our goal is to assist MSPs in enhancing and optimizing their operations. We prioritize fairness and accessibility, ensuring that our partners have the necessary tools and solutions for success. Our extensive network of industry collaborations underscores our commitment to shared knowledge and mutual growth.

Ethical practices, affordability, and transparency in tooling are central to our ethos. Our partnership with HaloPSA, where we act as an authorized onboarding partner, demonstrates this commitment. In this role, we integrate and enhance HaloPSA solutions, solidifying our position as innovators in cloud technology.

TechPulse Cloud Concepts embodies a unique narrative: a company ‘born in the bayou,’ where resilience and ingenuity took root, and ‘forged in the cloud,’ where these qualities blossomed into cutting-edge solutions. This phrase not only reflects our geographical journey but also our evolution in the MSP industry. Our growth from a local Louisiana provider to a Master MSP and global leader in cloud solutions symbolizes a fusion of grounded values and sky-high ambitions.

About the Creator

Christopher Scaminaci, widely known as “Ceej the MSP Automator,” is the Vice President of Engineering at TechPulse and the innovator behind BillingBot. Before evolving into the comprehensive tool it is today, BillingBot had its origins in 2021 as “TechPulse Invoice Bootstrapper,” a PowerShell GUI-based internal tool designed specifically for processing Pax8 invoices into HaloPSA. Christopher’s deep-rooted understanding of HaloPSA and his groundbreaking work in custom modules and SDKs for the platform have been instrumental in elevating BillingBot into a solution that adeptly tackles the unique invoicing challenges faced by Managed Service Providers.

Born and raised in Chicago and now based in Medellin, Colombia, Christopher is more than just an engineer; he’s a thought leader in the MSP community. He is the creative mind behind MSPAutomator.com, an invaluable, independent platform for IT professionals. His unmatched technical competencies and adept leadership qualities have positioned him as a trusted industry authority. Christopher’s relentless drive for innovation is manifest in BillingBot, from simplifying the billing of Azure subscriptions to making sense of complex Pax8 invoices. Under his stewardship, TechPulse has not only become an approved third-party implementation partner for HaloPSA but has also significantly contributed to the HaloPSA ecosystem through multiple custom integrations, further solidifying his reputation as a leader who not only identifies gaps but also crafts precise, effective solutions.